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Posted By: Jack (who is called Jack)
19-Aug-99 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: Your most recent 10 songs
Subject: RE: Your most recent 10 songs
Roger in Baltimore, I'm glad to hear about someone outside of Cleveland singing Tim Wallace songs. I've posted one of his songs to the DT, but have been reluctant to post more since I know he copyrights them, and haven't had a chance to ask him how he'd feel about it. For my money, Tim Wallace and Mark Graham are the funniest songwriters in the 'folk' community going these days (apologies to Lou and Peter Berryman, who have some gems).

In fact, the last songs I've been singing are

Your states name here

Water is alright in Tay

Sailor's grace

As the heart longs (a hymn based on the water is wide tune)

Sailor's Alphabet

Robert Waite (aka the ballad of Silver Jack).

Bonnie Silver Herring

Old Peculiar

I'm Satisfied (Missisipi John Hurt)

I don't feel no ways tired.