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Posted By: GUEST,HiHo_Silver
03-Dec-03 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Junior Button Accordion
Subject: RE: Help: Junior Button Accordion
Hohner publishes a book of insructions for the diatonic accordions. Shows how to hold the instrument, left and right hand keyboards for 1,2 and three row models, both german and Stradella Models in key of C. I assume you have a stradella model. Book is published by Hough & Kohler Limited, 1969 Leslie Street, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada. (418) 449-0040. Hohner in Virginia should be able to supply you with one of these books. If all else fails give me a mailing address and I will scan these pages and send them to you. I have never had anyone have a problem to learn to play these basic models with the help of this instruction book. They are relative simple to handle once you get onto the push pull idea of producing the proper notes. God luck and enjoy Hope this helps.

These single row accordions all have 10 buttons sounding 20 notes on the trebel keyboard. The Stradella has four base buttons. I have never seen a single row accordion with 14 buttons on the trebel side in any key.