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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Dec-03 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bushes and Briars
I suppose it's a bit confusing to explain how the Palmer book uses the text Jim posted. How's this?


Through bushes and through briers I lately took my way,
All for to hear the small birds sing, and the lambs to skip and play.*

I overheard my own true-love. Her voice it was so clear.
Long time I have been waiting for the coming of my dear.

I drew myself to a tree, a tree that did look green,
Where the leaves shaded over us. We scarcely could be seen.

I sat myself down by my love till she began to mourn.
I'm of this opinion that my heart is not my own.

Sometimes I am uneasy and troubled in my mind.
Sometimes I'll think I'll go to my love and tell to him my mind.

And if I should go to my love, my love he will say nay.
I show to him my boldness, he'd ne'er love me again.

I cannot think the reason young women love young men,
For they are so false hearted young women to trepan,**

For they are so false hearted young women to trepan,
So the green grave shall see me, for I can't love that man.

*repeat the second line of each verse
**[Trepan – Archaic - tr.v. -To trap; ensnare.]

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