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Posted By: GUEST,Mato Nupai
05-Dec-03 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
Subject: RE: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
The courting tunes created in the traditional manner are unique to each player and his own unique instrument, and cannot generally be played "authentically" on a typical "westernized" instrument with a uniform (pentatonic, or otherwise) scale. Similarly, the authentic NA "Love Flute" can not generally be used to play "the tunes we know" satisfactorily.

Aside from the courtship thing, some NA Shamans use flute music in ritual - and again, compose unique "tunes" suited to their individual, unique instrument. The Shaman did not play "Turkey in the Straw" at my wedding ceremony (although that may be what the goat and rooster were singing in the background).


Where did you get your information about Native American flutes?

The Native American flute was used for all kinds of purposes.

Some WERE used for courting.

Some WERE used by Shamans.

SOME were specially decorated with a totem animal, and used in ceremony to honor that totem animal

SOME were used by people just because they enjoy playing the flute.

If someone buys a NA flute, and wants to use the flute to play the song Turkey In the Straw, Amazing Grace, Greensleeves, etc. It is none of your or my business. No matter whether they are playing tunes from the heart as the Native Americans did; the person is STILL using their breath of life to create music and lift the mood.

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