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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
10-Dec-03 - 04:21 AM
Thread Name: Is modern music shite?
Subject: RE: Is modern music shite?
hello, just to prove my poimt, i swithed my radio to bbc radio 1, guees waht i heard, =boom bom boom, bunch of shit!, i dont know why anybody listens to that shite, they must be stupid, it is not even nice music!,
heres a good laugh then, =even the dj dident know wjo it was, he stumbled, and i'm sure he had to lok for the cd cover to see who it was !, "that was errrr, so and so!, bunch of crap, i usually listen to radio 4 or radio 2, i dident listen to radio 1 for years, its all shit, thats why.