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Posted By: fogie
10-Dec-03 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Is modern music shite?
Subject: RE: Is modern music shite?
I've tried in a limited way to see what the present radio 1 / TOTP generation like about run of the mill NOW-music, and for the life of me I cant appreciate the vast majority of it. I hear pale imitations of what was going on in the 60s and 70s and mind-numbing drum machine beats, which seem to totally preclude thinking. I presume the Raves I missed in the 90s may be to blame, and I dont like Rapping. The melodies are not very memorable, and it's years since I've heard anything I was interested in. Occasionally there's a gap in the clouds, like Maisy Gray's voice which is unusual, and the rare pop-song which is sufferable, but I think the Pop medium is burnt out, and am happy to stick to Folk Roots Fusion Jazz and Classical. As a matter of interest the same accusation might be levelled at Modern Jazz, and Modern Classical. I think I was priveleged to grow up in an era, of Childrens Favourites, and The Sixties. There is bound to be a new idea arising musically, but how long we will have to wait is an unknown. Roll on the day.