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Posted By: fiddler
10-Dec-03 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: What's a Strad, Amati etc fiddle?
Subject: RE: What's a Strad, Amati etc fiddle?

When I'm not anoraking here I also anorak on violin things too!

It is amazing how many people think they have found a Strad in the roof!

I've held an Amati in my hands - it was in pieces in a shoe box waiting to be re built! But still a thrill - I need to get out more.

The strength of a good fiddle is you can play it and it sounds nice (good) to you and those around you - fit for purpose. There are some bad Strads out there which you never hear of - so I'm told.

They were / are not made to be valuable but to be played.

Sorchg girl you seem to have a bigger (and sexier) anorak than mine - nice one. I hope loads of people read this thread it contains some good stuff.

Off now - lunchtime - back to the grind.....see real anorak!!!!