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Posted By: TheBigPinkLad
10-Dec-03 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Is modern music shite?
Subject: RE: Is modern music shite?
Many years ago I walked into my grandad's house. He was about 80 at the time (long stiff now)and deaf as a plumb-bob. He had some Oompah-oompah military music cranked on the radio. He was marching up and down the living room with a broom shank over his shoulder. (it's not so wierd, did you never look in the mirror and sing into your hair-brush? ;o)

Anyway, he was a bit embarrased but pointed out that 'his music' was a lot better than 'that shite yer Dad used to listen to" which tweaked my curiosity (ouch!) as I was suffering at the time from my old man's "turn that crap off!" rant concerning a certain Pink Floyd.

"What crap was that Grandad?" I ventured.

"Bloody loud, can't tell what they're singing, blah-blah-blah music" he said. Turns out he my old man was into Swing. That Glen Miller was a rad, hey?

p.s. jOhn ... run away from the crstiens, utumutly they want you're sole.