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Posted By: Peace
10-Dec-03 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Is modern music shite?
Subject: RE: Is modern music shite?
I have heard this stuff before. I think it was my mom who asked how I could listen to crap like "Hard Rain" by Dylan, or "Blowin' in the Wind." Of course, we'd just finished with an era of things like "Flyin' Purple People Eater" and eventually we got into "Kung Fu Fighting". I think every era has produced its share of crap. But musicians have the ability to find the stuff they like, and that is way far cool.

I work with teenagers. I am always surprised when little Johnny likes rap, then two days later comes in saying, "Hey, Mr Murdoch, you should hear this!" Kid hauls out "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams. We were the same at that age: lookin' for what we liked. I have trust in the kids today. I read what's on the Mudcat, realize we are older now (some of us), and we were just like the kids we see around us thirty, forty, fifty years ago. We turned out OK. I think they will, too.