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Posted By: Joe Offer
10-Dec-03 - 09:08 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Mary Mild / Bitter Withy / Holy Well
Subject: RE: History of 'Mary Mild' (Bitter Withy / Holy Well)
Thanks for the clarification, Tinker. We're pleased to have Tinker in Chicago - but it's better that it's understood that we're talking to two Tinkers.

I can't think of the New Testament Apocrypha as "forgeries." I think they reflect the sincere beliefs of people, their attempts to make sense out of this universe. Besides, they're ancient writings, well-preserved, and they're often very colorful and interesting.

On the other hand, I don't think the selection of the Canon of Scripture was highly politicized. Every decision is political, but I think the canon of the New Testament was fairly well set by 150 AD, before the heavy-duty politicians got hold of Christianity.

As for Gnostics, well, they certainly seemed to be pious.

-Joe Offer-