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11-Dec-03 - 05:40 AM
Thread Name: Doon the Moor
Subject: RE: Doon the Moor
Here's the version from Wake The Vaulted Echoes (originally released on Fair Annie. Original source is given as Eddie Butcher, but the notes say that on the version on Songs And Rummy Conjouring Tricks Bellamy credits Geordie Hanna. (I'll look up that and the Eddie Butcher version later).



One morn in May when fields were gay,
Serene and pleasant was the weather,
I spied a lass and a very bonny lass,
She was swooping the dew from among the heather,
Down the moor.
  In among the heather, o'er the moor, through the heather.
  I spied a lass and a very bonny lass
  She was swooping the dew from among the heather

  Down the moor.

Barefoot was she but come-lie dressed,
And on her head neither hat nor feather,
With her skirts tucked neatly around her waist
As she tripped through the blooming heather
Down the moor.

So I stepped up to this fair young maid,
"Come tell me love why come you hither".
She answered me, "Down by the bonny burn side
I am herding all my ewes together,
Down the moor".

So I courted her that livelong day,
My heart as light as any feather,
Until the beams of the red setting sun
Come slanting down in among the heather,
Down the moor.

<Instrumental break>

She said "Young man I must away
For my ewes are straying from each other.
But I'm as loathe to part with you
As the bonny wee lambs are to part their mother.
Down the moor".

Then up she got and away she run,
Her name and place I did not gather.
But if I was the king I'd make her me queen,
That bonny little lass I met among the heather,
Down the moor.

Source: Peter Bellamy - CD "Wake The Vaulted Echoes" (originally on Fair Annie). Original source given as Eddie Butcher