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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
11-Dec-03 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
So the "Great Twillingsgate Mystery" aka "Who-the-fuck-is-Penelope?" continues....

These are the things we know for certain about Ms Rutledge:

Unless she posted under an even more fictitious name previously, her first post to the Forum was on 08/29/02. That means she is probably not Rapaire since his first post was on 11/02/02. It does not let any other regular Moabites off the hook.

She has posted 42 times as "Ms" and 3 times as "Ms." (with a period). This lack of consistency would seem to indicate that she is, in fact, a man since no woman liberated enough to use "Ms" is ever going to put a period after it.   

I have received a Personal Message from none other than jOhn from Hull in which he states that Ms Penelope Rutledge is not khandu! Does this mean that jOhn9 personally knows the portrayer of Ms Rutledge? Or could it mean that jOhn9 himself is Ms Rutledge and that the drunken-sod-who-can't-spell-or-type-worth-a-shit is a fiction? Or does it merely mean that jOhn9 is full of shit and was yankin' my crank?

She has posted to the MOAB 14 times (roughly 1/3 of all her posts) which would seem to indicate that she either is a MOABite or has romantic leanings toward a MOABite or is so enthralled by the literary quality of posts to the MOAB that she just can't stay away. At any rate, it seems that any time her name is mentioned here she posts a response within a short while.   Hmmm....

Tweed's obviously genuine distaste for the Ms Rutledge character would make it seem unlikely that he is her portrayer. It's almost impossible to create a character and not like him/her/it a little. Even Thomas Harris had to like Hannibal Lecter a liitle or he wouldn't have kept writing books about him.

In the final analysis, what we know for certain about Ms Penelope Rutledge is diddle-dee-shit.

For all we know, Penelope may be Max!