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Posted By: Rick Fielding
14-Dec-03 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: Rick's Album a Go again. (imminent release)
Subject: Rick's Album a Go again. (almost cetain)
As virtually all of you know, cancer has slowed me down quite a bit over the last year.....and other than the general bummer of being in a pretty uncurable situation, one of the real drags for me was that a number of cuts I recorded with some pretty fine musicians (Tony Trischka, for example) have just been sitting in the can.

I can't really play to my former level at all anymore 'cuz the co-ordination just ain't there, but thanks to Mudcatter Paul Mills (who apart from being Stan Rogers' producer and best friend, and has a CV a mile long) we're gonna go for it.

We've hunted down some older recordings to fill out the nine that are finished.......and I'll keep you posted. Even got some Mudcatters in the can (so to speak) like Pam Swan, Mick Lane and Jed Marum!

Thanks for being the Mudcat......and so long to Winter's Wages....ain't it a bitch when reality keeps messing with our community?