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Posted By: Bat Goddess
14-Dec-03 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Roger Whittaker what's he doing nowadays
Subject: RE: Roger Whittaker wahts he doing, nowadays
I've never heard his recordings played or his name mentioned except in reference to late night television commercials in the '70s (last time I actively watched television). Those commercials had a voiceover exhorting the insomniacs to buy the complete collection of Roger Whittaker recordings (while we heard a few bars of several songs and a list scrolled up the screen).

I don't think they were actually produced by K-Tell or Ronco or any of those other brands only heard of on late night television. ("Every recording ever recorded since recording began . . . songs beginning with the letter 'P' . . . foreign language records . . .")

Sounded like he has a decent, though commercial (no pun intended) voice, but that's the only context I ever heard him in.