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14-Dec-03 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Neil Sharpley Any News? - 2003 court trial
Subject: RE: Neil Sharpley Any News?
"If you brought libel proceedings, and lost, and then brought malicious falsehood proceedings on the same facts, you would..." a card carrying member of the anti-Bulmer cult. If there ever was a case to pursue against Celtic Music, the libelous falsehoods spread about Bulmer and Sharpley by the folk and "world" music pundits (who so obviously were trying the case in the court of public opinion on behalf of some very popular musicians, ie Jones, Gaughan, et al) have made certain no case can now be brought because of their prejudicing all those involved in the argument.

All this has ever been about is a fight among industry types over who ripped off whom, and who owes whom money.

Bulmer isn't the anti-Christ, and the purportedly wronged parties aren't saints. Nothing in life is that black and white.