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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Dec-03 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Rick's Album a Go again. (imminent release)
Subject: RE: Rick's Album a Go again. (almost certain)
Like Mick, nothing around here has made me happier.......well, except maybe whoever sent me the Penile Enlargement Pump. It doesn't seem to work but it's fun to use..............Wanna' borrow it? It'll take your mind off a lot of other things......sorta' like Art's humor.

Anyway.......What the hell was this thread about?..............Oh yeah, the album..........This one has always sounded like a great idea and I'm glad you're going to finish it!   A great idea like Bean Soup and Cornbread on a cold, snowy day...........Come to think of it, we had Bean Soup and Cornbread when it was snowing the other day and perhaps I should have used a different analogy. I mean the Bean Soup tasted great but 4 or 5 hours later after 4 of us had ingested the stuff and being in a closed house....the atmosphere got kinda' gamey.

Back to the album......Actually it isn't me that needs to get back to it, it's do it! Keep us posted so we know when to order! And speaking of posted, what the hell is it with your phone....or do I have the wrong number? A completely likely possibility as my 'puter flopped on me and I'm trying to reassemble whatever I had......This is a lot like trying to reassemble any mind I once had. Maybe the needed material is gone forever.

Love to Heather. She's the real reason I was calling because I've always had a lot more fun talking to her than to you. Karen sends her best as well to you both.

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