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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
15-Dec-03 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: are folk clubs shite?
Subject: RE: are folk clubs shite?
Who have I offended?

The same bloke who said a lot of stuff about Bob some time back? Must be a musician who plays in a band BMC booked sometime, otherwise how could Bob have taken photos of him? I say him as most bush musos are male. I'll have to ask Bob (& Alison) - & what's this about buying drinks - Bush Dances do not sell alcohol, nor does the Dog & as Alison's club meets in a Scout Hall, I doubt they do either.

And what is a working musician? I can only think of 2 acts who have appeared at the Dog who make their entire living from music (us not them & Jez Lowe if you are wondering!) The rest have 9to5 jobs outside the music world.

By the way if guest is saying I get paid, I don't - it's only the 2 advertised artists who get paid. I certainly have said we charge entrance cos we pay our artists, & it is up to the MC on the night who gets a floor spot.

Now I'm wondering which performer we rejected which night! Was it the night Charley Noble & Naemanson were booked floor spots?