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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
15-Dec-03 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: are folk clubs shite?
Subject: RE: are folk clubs shite?
Oh well as I've been on 2 other discussions including umf, I may as well come in on this...

Firstly, I do think folk clubs are important, particularly the singers nights and the oppertunities they give especially to others starting out. Whether they should exist in pubs or other venues is debatable. My own preference is pubs but I see no reason why other venues should not be tried. Overall my feeling on this is that rather than try to decide on a global situation, each club should be taken on it's own situation and merits - I think for example a London club could have different problems to say a small club in North Wales - the type of club I am used to.

I have noticed (or perhaps being paraniod think I have noticed) cliques forming in folkclubs (but perhaps they just happen in life anyway) and have certainly from the organisers side been aware of suggestions of favouritism as well as being part of a resident group, accused sometimes of hogging too much of an evening (though believe me, some nights it can be hard to work out how much you need to fill)... One approach to at least minimise some of those sort of feelings was the one adopted at Conwy - in that case, they used to run a rota of MCs.

As for the payment bit and sessions, I have been on both sides of this - sometimes getting money and/or beer when perhaps someone else hasn't and sometimes being on of the ones who misses out. I've no problem either way with this. My view is I am there for the music and if I'm lucky enough to get a drink or other reward out of it so be it and the same goes for anyone else.