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Posted By: George Papavgeris
15-Dec-03 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: New Folk Club in Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Subject: RE: New Folk Club in Ampthill, Bedfordshire
GUEST, I wouldn't plug in for less than 250 audience - and even then I prefer a mike for the guitar to actually plugging in.
I, too have occasionally heard some material - generally from Londoners trying to break into the Home Counties folk circuit - that might fit your description of "soft core pop", but not that much. And as Hamish said, Herga, Maidenhead and Windward would have none of that anyway.
Tell you what: Ignore labels like "acoustic" for an evening, and come to Ampthill tomorrow night. If at the end you feel your journey was wasted, I will personally refund you your petrol, beer and entrance money; say about £20.
And if you decide that it wasn't wasted, you buy all three of my CDs (at Mudcatter prices, £20 for the three), and review them in your magazine.
Up for the challenge?