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Posted By: Mooh
17-Dec-03 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Picks - What's your favourite?
Subject: RE: Guitar Picks - What's your favourite?
I've always (about 30 years) used a medium weight flatpick for guitar and lately it has been a Dunlop Ultex .73mm. They don't wear or chip easily and can be easily shaped if necessary. I use an Ultex 1.00mm for mandolin. For years I used the Dunlop Gators, but they'll wear and the edge will develop a burr which requires attention...but I like their attack.

For fingerstyle I use a Fred Kelly speed thumbpick and fingernails. Sometimes I'll use nail hardener, no particular brand.

For bass I'm fingers only with some bare thumb.

Years ago I thought Dunlop nylon picks were the ultimate, and once in a while I'll grab one for old time's sake.

Also in my collection are aluminum, rosewood, bone, and celuloid picks, but they all pale next to Ultex, imho.

Someone will mention Wegen picks, but I can't afford one!

(This is an old thread, isn't it!)

Peace, Mooh.