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Posted By: GUEST,Dan Abnormal
18-Dec-03 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Jim Moray....
Subject: RE: Jim Moray....
I really am puzzled by this thread. The basic points seem to boil down to:-
1."Jim doesn't have a very good voice" (well, neither did Bert Lloyd...),
2."The publicity material talks about him in good terms" (but wouldn't it be daft to have a press release that said "Jim Moray is distinctly average...". And for that matter, I'm sure Jim himself never wrote that.)
3. "The media writes about him, and not Tom/Dick/Geoff" (Yet, for years the folk world has bemoaned the lack of press coverage for traditional music, and when some comes along its somehow evil..)

Like the Countess, I think I can see now that its not traditional music that people are interested in preserving, but 'folk music' as a static genre. I thought it was all about making sure the ancient music of England was still sung and didn't disappear. Obviously I was wrong. So, lets sort this out once and for all - what Jim does is not really folk music as such is it? Its rock music using traditional songs. Because if folk music means conforming to such a narrow definition then I'm not even sure I want to consider myself a folk fan anymore.

Oh, and the comments about "422. Ola, the Pack et al" nearer the top of the thread made me chuckle... If only you knew...