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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
19-Dec-03 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Now, I have absolutely no proof of what I'm about to say here, but please hear me out....

In the matter of King khandu's derangement, I have a gut feeling that it's far worse than many of you think. I just don't believe that a trip to the NYCFTTS will do it this time. Why? Please read the following post I originally made a mere nine days ago:

Date: 10 Dec 03 - 11:50 PM

Now methinks King khandu has been cloned. The reason for his long absence has been made clear. The old King khandu would have said:

Constipated? Me, constipated? You're the one that's full of shit! And if I need a Royal Enema Deliverer it would be you, jerkoff!

And, while it's certainly nice not to be abused and belittled, I am a little concerned about this kinder, gentler khandu. Gotta be a clone.

Now, within the span of a few posts we have multiple instances of irrational behavior on our King's part. Not only did he readily acquiesce to my suggestion of honorifics for the three non-Mick Stones, he accepted Amos's suggestions of specific titles without question and then forgot Bill Wyman's name. (Yeah, Bill's not really in the band any more, but that's no excuse.)

In light of this further evidence, I now believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I said nine days ago is true. Our Khing has been khloned! The real khandu has been khidnapped and this milkhtoast has been enthroned in his place.

The "kidnapping" by the Morality Police over on that "!" thread was merely a ruse to confuse the issue! The clone was pretending to have been kidnapped to throw us off the trail while the real khandu lies in a dank dark room somewhere with nothing to eat or drink but nitrite-ridden hotdogs and Black Label beer. And in our rush to rescue the imposter we may have inadvertently given the evil khlone vital information about our troop strengths and capabilities.

We MOABites must rally our forces again. We must insert spies in all Waffle House and Cracker Barrel restaurants and find out where our true Khing is being held khaptive. When we have found where His True Majesty is we can begin the reskhue. I will put the SWAT Team (Simple-minded White Arian Trailer-trash) on high alert down here in Bubbaland.

I await your responses.