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Posted By: treewind
19-Dec-03 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: are folk clubs shite?
Subject: RE: are folk clubs shite?
Breezy and George, thanks for your encouraging comments.
Running a club would get in the way of trying to organise gigs for ourselves too, but a monthly event might be possible to handle.

Graham - I know about the Whittlesford Red Lion and Bees in the Wall - we've been there but as our agenda at the time was investigating anything that called itself a folk club for the possibility of bookings we were a bit disappointed. I confess to knowing less that I should about the folk scene in Cambridge. There are some recently started sessions at Reach and Great Eversden on alternate Sudays which are a deliberate attempt to get away from the more or less all Irish tune-thrashes that go on in town and we support those enthusiastically and have met some great people there.

I am disappointed with the Mayflower and I think it could be revived. The one singers night a couple of months ago was packed. Some singers got two songs while others didn't perform at all, who really should have done (and vice versa, in some cases) and the evening started late as usual. THe Mayflower needs a venue though, as the future of the Portland Arms remains uncertain. The Friday night folk club is overrun with introspective contemporary failed-pop-singer types. I'm investigating Acoustic Routes and we should take a sample of some of those Irish sessions too. There are places where kids are getting into it, like the Saturday Duxford workshops which I used to be involved in, And the local Comhaltas Ceoltoiri branch is thriving but that's Irish again... traditional English is an ethnic minority here!

Sorry everyone, this is all getting a bit domestic and local...