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20-Dec-03 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: The Quiet Man Film
Subject: RE: The Quiet Man Film
Yes I have to say I love the film, so many aspects of it in fact. I suppose you love it or hate it.

The two postings by (Rob) are really very interesting. For a change it sounds like someone really knows their stuff.

Sadly so much of the contributions on quiet a lot of the subjects in Mudcat are from people giving their opinions as if they were fact. In many cases, "The Isle of Innisfree" to give but one example, the facts have actually been supplied already by persons who know the full history behind a song or have a personal involvement with it.

Having loved this film for many years, I was delighted to finally have the story behind it's theme song from the composers son. It would be great to have more such contributions on a great number of songs that come up from time to time.