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Posted By: musicmick
20-Dec-03 - 01:38 AM
Thread Name: The Quiet Man Film
Subject: RE: The Quiet Man Film
Obviously, confusing an actors political philosophy with his ability is a mistake that is shared by left and right. That John Wayne was often type cast and that he exibited no great range, is indisputable.
But the same could have been said about many "movie stars". I doubt that Cary Grant was given many roles that played outside the suave persona he represented. Would anyone have known that Dick Powell could do something other than sing and smile if his career hadn't stalled and allowed him to play Phillip Marlowe in "Murder, My Sweet"?
Allen Ladd played the same role in every film he made, so did Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Gary Cooper and Rudolf Valentino. Hell, they wouldn't let Mickey Rooney grow up before "The Black Stallion".
Spencer Tracey had great range but, for all we know, so did the other stars who wre not given the meatier parts. John Wayne was, at heart, a western star. Even when he wasn't playing cowboys, he still walked with that lope from "The Virginian". It is, perhaps, interesting to note that so many movie cowboys were political conservatives.