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Posted By: Maryrrf
20-Dec-03 - 09:33 AM
Thread Name: are folk clubs shite?
Subject: RE: are folk clubs shite?
I'm coming to this thread late but I wanted to mention my experience at the folk clubs in Scotland. I performed at nine folk clubs in various places - from Dumfries and Galloway to Fife - didn't get way up to the Highlands. I also attended and did guest spots in a few more.   Audience size varied and no, I didn't get paid a lot - but what a rewarding experience! All of the clubs were held in comfortable venues, the audiences were appreciative, and all in all it was a wonderful atmosphere. I was made most welcome everywhere, whether I was the performer or a guest. I think folk clubs in Scotland are great places to hear folk music - yes, in many cases they're struggling but some seem to be doing well. Many have been going for forty years or so, such as Irvine (as mentioned in the post above). I'm grateful to the people who run and support these clubs. In all cases I thought the other floor singers were very good and, in some cases, exceptionally good. Having been following the threads about the FC's in England, I wonder if the fact that somebody can't just show up (have to be a member, due to the PEL regulation, if I understand it right?) doesn't make things more "cliquish" there??? In Scotland you don't have to be a member, you just turn up. Anyway - my two cent's worth is that in Scotland, definitely the folk clubs aren't shite - they're great and enjoyable and are hanging in there doing their part to support folk music - long may they continue!