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Posted By: musicmick
21-Dec-03 - 02:16 AM
Thread Name: The Quiet Man Film
Subject: RE: The Quiet Man Film
What Barry Fitzgerald said was, "Homeric!". I liked that movie so much that I moved to Ireland just to learn to play the tune that was used in so many scenes, "The Rakes of Mallow". Barry Fitzgerald is an excelent example of Hollywood type casting. He was a gifted actor with limitless range. James Agee thought him the most talented actor in films. But the producers kept him in those Abbey Theater Stage Irish roles whenever they could. Even when he won the Oscar, in Going My Way, he played "the role". Yet, he was Sean O'Casey's favorite actor. O'casey wrote "The Silver Tassie" just for him to play. Check out his brilliant performance in "The Sea Wolf" and "Ten Little Indians".
My point was, there is no way to determine the range of an actor once he is successfully typed.