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Posted By: Beardy
22-Dec-03 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Jackass to visit UK
Subject: BS: Michael Jackass to visit UK
What the hell is happenning in the good ole USofA? Why has the Californian court given an alleged child abuser special dispensation and his passport back to go off trying to flog his rehashed greatest hits album to an idiotic British public? Thanks but we don't want him, we have our own pop paedophiles in Gary Glitter and Jonathon King. Even John Prescott cannot believe they're letting the little bugger out of America!

Aren't they concerned that this multi-millionaire might just use his dollars to abscond to anywhere in the world he desires; he could even visit Gary Glitter in Cambodia. Oh well wishful thinking.

Is this policy going to be extended to all suspected criminals in America or just those who have an CD, film or book to promote? Can you do a Jeffrey Archer and write a book about your time inside, be it only 1 day, and get out on a technicality? Has the whole of California gone mad because the evidence is mounting up?

What do 'catters in US think of this amazing line in justice? And UK ones for that matter?