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Posted By: Bassic
28-Dec-03 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Recommended beginner fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Recommended beginner fiddle bows?
Hi Ely, original Guest was me, cant think why I was being anonymous that day! Good luck with the composite. It should give you good service. I went back to the fiddle after 34 years and REALY enjoy it again now. Have been playing again for 2 years now and am MILES ahead of where I was when I originaly gave up at age 11 to take up the cello. The fiddle I use is a well set up (changed the bridge and strings) Chinese mass produced thing that cost me less than £60 (about $100?) and the bow was bought seperately for £45. I will be looking to upgrade both in the next 12 months but they have both been stable, given more tone than my technique could use up to now, and I havnt been scared to throw them in the back of the car and take them to crowded sessions like I would have been with a more expensive instrument.

Just a quick tip, now you have the rosin built up on the bow, try to not "over do" the rosin, just add it as and when you feel you have lost the amount of "bite" that you want to use, (in other words dont automatically re-load the bow with rosin every time you take it out of the case). Depending on the way you play and the style you use you may find this makes things a bit more controlable. However it is a personal thing and trial and error is the best way.

Good luck and happy fiddling in 2004!