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Posted By: Chief Chaos
29-Dec-03 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Barbie Lobster Tale
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Barbie Lobster Tale
The Barbie Lobster Patrol

We were on patrol
Where the blue seas roll
Up off the coast of Maine
Checking the haul
Of the lobstermen's trawls
And trying not to be too much of a pain

When we came upon
A boat at dawn
And over the side we all went
But what we found
Would confuse and confound        
And leave our minds permn'ently bent

Some of us laughed
As we climbed out our raft
At the sight which was before us
And some of us gagged
At the lobster in drag
Looking like she'd stepped out of a chorus

Now I've seen
Many a strange thing
And of weirdness I've had my ration
But never before
(and I hope never more)
Have I seen a "Barbie" Crustacean

The crew then spoke
Said it was a joke
Looking as embarrassed as could be
They didn't confess
How they got on the dress
Though it was quite beyond me

I knew right then
This couldn't happen again
Stern measures were called for of course
It could get out of hand
And ravage the land
And from there things could get only worse

So I began a citation
For this Barbie Crustation
But I just couldn't decide you see
Was this lobster dressage
Unlawful Crustacean Knowledge (groan)
Or just plain animal cruelty?

I was saved from this question
By a crewmans suggestion
Why don't we just set Barbie free?
So off came her gown
And her shoes of reknown
And back Barbie went to the Sea

Somewhere in the brine
Her dress and shoes left behind
Is the lobster we all called Barbie
We'll remember her well
As we ride on the swell
Of that rolling blue sea.