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Posted By: kendall
30-Dec-03 - 08:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Guns on planes
Subject: RE: BS: Guns on planes
Lady Jean, maybe they were afraid you were going to knit an "Afghan"

I'm licensed to carry concealed in Maine, that license is recognized in Florida. I wrote to the head of the Mass. state police to ask how I could drive through Mass. legally with a gun, and they referred me to the chief of police in some dink town near the NY border. They obviously either didn't know, or were trying to pull a practical joke on the chief of Podunk. He didn't answer.

As far as the head of the pilots union in the UK goes, if it reaches the point where a pilot or a marshal needs to fire his weapon, the danger from that weapon is far less than the danger from whoever he is about to shoot. That argument is a no brainer.

The reason so many gun crimes are committed here is not the number of guns, it's the number of whackos. Over population is a factor; places like Vermont and Maine have very few gun crimes compared to other states. Living in a large city, like NY is an unnatural act. Even rats will kill each other if overcrowded.