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Posted By: Alaska Mike
30-Dec-03 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Gold Miners' Songs (American) 2
Subject: Lyr Add: HIGH COUNTRY (Mike Campbell)
Mike Campbell 1994

Oh Mary, sweet Mary, I have just come from town,
Where young Joseph Connolly was showing what he found.
He's returned from high country, and truth, it be told.
He's come back with great riches, his pockets filled with gold.

When I saw all the treasure he's taken from this earth,
The short time in high country that multiplied his worth,
I compared it to the many years I've toiled on this land,
And the sum of my wealth I can count on one hand.

How cruel, the Almighty, when he decides our fate,
How wrong though my temptation, this young man to hate,
I was filled with great anger, consumed with envy,
That he should find in high country all I wanted for thee.

Way up in high country where the air smells so clean,
Men are finding their fortunes in rivers and streams,
Its a road I must follow, for it calls out my name,
And this fever for gold sure might drive me insane.

I have packed up my gear and the clothes that I shall wear,
Placed my blanket and saddle on the back of the mare,
I shall go to high country for all the gold we need,
Then return like young Joseph and lay it at your feet.

So now I must leave you, dear Mary my love,
But I swear that each night 'twill be you I dream of,
And if anyone comes out here asking for me,
You must tell them high country is where I shall be.