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Posted By: Peg
30-Dec-03 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Guns on planes
Subject: RE: BS: Guns on planes
But Kendall, are you factoring in the number of gun crimes per capita when you compare Vermont to New York City? I hope so. I have heard of plenty of shootings in small towns; they just don't occur as frequently as in cities because there are fewer people.

I think armed sky marshals are a pretty good idea. I do NOT think arming pilots is a good idea. Pilots (with the exception of ex-military) do not become pilots because they want to learn how to kill people in an emergency situation; they want to fly the plane. Their ability to do so would, in my opinion, be seriously impeded if they were also trying to use firearms. Their temperaments are thoseofpeople who chose piloting for a living; not shooting. It's like asking a crossing guard to learn judo to use on the job.   It's not really appropriate.

I think it's also on some level a move to placate those citizens who think it is now their right and obligation to carry guns everywhere and be ready to use them to "fight terrorism." We have seen a lot of racially-motivated attacks and unlawful violation of civil rights after 9-11 and this must not be encouraged.