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Posted By: Willie-O
30-Dec-03 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Idiot (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Chords Add: THE IDIOT (Stan Rogers)
(D)I often take these (A) night shift (D)walks when the (G)foreman's not a(Bm)round
I (G)turn my back on the (D)cooling stacks and make for (E7)open
Far (D)out beyond the (A)tankfarm (D)fence where the (G)gas flare makes no (Bm)sound
I for(G)get the stink and I (D)always think back to that (A)eastern (D)town.

CHO: I (G)bid farewell to the (D)eastern town I never (G)more will (D)see
But (G)work I must so I (D)eat this dust and breath re(Em)finer(A)y,
Oh I (D)miss the green and the (A)woods and (D)streams and I (G)don't like cowboy (Bm)clothes
But I (G)like being free and (D)that makes me an (D)idiot (A)I sup(D)pose.

Note: chords are played with a very strong downbeat--chord symbols are shown directly in front of the lyric beat they fall on. Stan described the tune as "delightfully goofy Morris dance rhythm" if that is any help to you--cheers.