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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
30-Dec-03 - 02:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Idiot (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Chords Add: THE IDIOT (Stan Rogers)
The Idiot ("Official" chords... whatever that's worth)

I (D)often (A)take these (Bm) night shift (D)walks when the (G)foreman's not a(Bsus4)round
I (G)turn my back on the (D)cooling (G)stacks and (D)make for (Em)open
Far (Bm)out bey(G)ond the (A)tankfarm (D)fence where the (G)gas flare makes no (Bsus4)sound
I for(G)get the stink and I (D)always (G)think back (D)to that (A)eastern (D)town.

CHO: I (G)bid fare(A)well to the (D)eastern town I (Bm)never (A)more will (D)see
But (G)work I (A)must so I (D)eat this dust and (Bm)breath re(Em)finer(A)y,
Oh I (Bm)miss the (G)green and the (A)woods and (D)streams and I (G)don't like cowboy (Bsus4)clothes
But I (G)like being free and (D)that makes (G)me an (D)idiot (A)I sup(D)pose.

Bsus4 = 024400