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Posted By: Peg
30-Dec-03 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Guns on planes
Subject: RE: BS: Guns on planes
Mick; you seem to be twisting my words. First, the increase in violations of civil rights occurring after 9-11 certainly may be connected to the Patriot Act but I was referring to those people who were unlawfuylly detained based on wearing traditional Muslim garb or just looking like they might be Saudi Arabian etc. Law enforcement was guilty of this but also many civilians attacked and assaulted people of mideast ethnicity in the wake of 9-11. There are dozens of news stories of attacks in all sorts of places, mosques,    parking lots, schools, etc. so feel free to look them up.
also:   I did not suggest this had any connection whatsoever to   carrying guns. If you look at the context of my earlier comments, you will see what I was trying to suggest was that encouraging pilots to carry guns on planes increases the likelihood that trigger-happy civilians will feel justified in acts of vigilantism.