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Posted By: GUEST,Julia
30-Dec-03 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Recordings of Tolkien Songs
Subject: RE: Recordings of Tolkien Songs
Yes, he definitely has "racial" differences in mind. The use of language testifies to that- the Hobbit sound very rural English, (sing Ho! for the bath! The merry old inn, etc) the Elvish ballads are chantlike (Earendil was a Mariner) and the dwarf songs sound very Saxon or possibly Gaelic (Far over Misty Mountains cold) He delights in imagery, illiteration and double entendre in a very "traditional" way. I've tried to be true to this in my settings.
I have complained on another thread about the lack of music in the film- I mean as an extension of the characters' culture. Tolkien clearly meant music to be an integral part of their culture and experience and Jackson let us down on this score. (oops- no pun intended!)
There is a website that has chronicled the various settings - can't remember it just now, but will make you howl and cringe simultaneously. I'll find it when I get a minute- bookmarked it nce but that was at least one computer ago.