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Posted By: Abby Sale
31-Dec-03 - 10:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Indian Maid? / Silver Bell + Red Wing
Subject: RE: Lyrics for Indian Maid ??
Hmm. The thread opened with lines from both Indian Maid songs. Redwing likely developed it's bawdy version about five minutes after Thurland Chattaway and Kerry Mills wrote & copyrighted the boring 1907 text. The database has an abreviated bawdy text but the following is from HASH HOUSE HARRIER SONGBOOK ( I believe it's taken straight from More Rugby Songs but I haven't checked.

    Pretty Redwing

    There once was an Indian maid,
    Who always was afraid,
    That some buckaroo would slip it up her flue,
    As she lay sleeping the whole night through.

    She had an idea grand,
    And she filled it up with sand,
    So no big buck in search of fuck,
    Could reach the promised land.

Ch. Oh, the moon shines bright on pretty Redwing.
    As she lay sleeping,
    There came a creeping,
    A cowboy quietly came creeping,
    His heart a leaping as he spied her.

    Redwing sprang to life,
    Whipped out her Bowie knife.
    With two quick cuts she severed his nuts
    And then she stabbed him in the guts.

    The cowboy he did die,
    Beneath the prairie sky.
    He stretched his luck in search of a fuck,
    For Redwing was too sly.

Ch. Oh, the moon shines bright on pretty Redwing,
    As she lies snoring there hangs a warning:
    The cowboy's balls are now adorning
    Her teepee awning for all to see.

    But to her big surprise,
    Her belly began to rise.
    And out of her cunt came a little runt
    Who had a strange look in his eyes.

    Poor Redwing was distressed,
    Until the Chief confessed.
    You can't pull the wool o'er Sitting Bull-
    At fucking I'm the best.

Ch. Oh, the moon shines bright on pretty Redwing.
    Within her teepee the kid makes peepee.
    And poor Redwing constantly is sleepy
    As she makes yippee with Sitting Bull.