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Posted By: BB
01-Jan-04 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BBC TV Hogmanay - Rusby etc
Subject: RE: BBC TV Hogmanay - Rusby etc
As my other half had a (lucrative) calling gig, I was all alone at home nursing a breaking cold, so watched the whole of the BBC1 broadcast, which, music-wise wasn't half bad - at least it was a whole hour of (mostly) my kind of music. However, my feeling was that KR let the English down badly, and probably confirmed a largely held Scots belief that the English know nothing about traditional music!

I'd not seen her perform previously, only heard her on CD, and not been impressed with her rather 'little girl' voice, but thought that all the fuss must mean that she must be stunning in performance. Far from it, even allowing for nerves. She's been performing for a long time now, and surely should have learnt something about communicating with an audience. I don't think you can do that with your eyes down the whole time, and your mouth hardly open. The contrast between her and the other singers on the show couldn't have been greater.

I have to say that, as an English person and heavily involved in the English folk scene, I was ashamed that the presenter was talking her up as being nominated for four Folk Awards, including her self-penned song, which for me was something and nothing. Against the brilliant musicianship of the Scots musicians, where does that leave us in the public perception?