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Posted By: InOBU
02-Jan-04 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Guns on planes
Subject: RE: BS: Guns on planes
Dear Rapaire:
I like the BBQ plans... I could see that being a new July 4th tradition... or even better, fireworks BBQ, everyone could tie steaks to rockets, and with a similar instant grilling, this time at 1,000, it could rain BBQ on the neibhors, thereby creating a pot luck sort of event... a nation that grows up in such a tradition would be so innuered to danger that guns on planes would be no issue at all!
I still like the less is more approach, I think the idea of nudity on planes is not completely practical, folks could be issued pajamas, as they go through the process of checking in... in stead of lining up to be searched, a practice which led to my dear wife Genie getting cracked by accedent on the head - which gave her a big yellow bump on her forehead, and made for some very worried and concerned English airport guards... well, we could check our duds at one end of a cubical, don P.J's at the other... and well, there you are, comfy and safe air travel, throw in a complimentery Teddy Bear - and world peace.