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02-Jan-04 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: Lori Holland:The Woman She Became
There's snow business like show business...part 3
    LORI HOLLAND:The Woman She Became

There is no more quality-varied genre than the singer/songwriter scene. Every third person in the United States has written a dozen songs and recorded them for posterity. If I do not, often, report the latest Dar-come-lately, it is more evidence of my sloth than my taste.

Well, I wandered into the land of contemporary composition and came upon a field of dreams. I had heard Lori Holland sing "Didn't I Dance" some years ago. I heard everyone else sing it, too. It is a magical, marvelous song, the best exposition of nostalgia I had encountered. So, when Lori sent me a copy of her new CD ("The Woman She Became"), I gave it more than a cursory ear. It is an interesting and rewarding collection of retrospection, reflection not unlike her masterpiece opus, woven into an olio of a cappella trad and gutsy, gentle blues. It is, I think, a pretty album and a worthy addition to anyone's shelf. Lori's voice is strong and clear and her arrangements are tastefully complex. There is some dynamite accompaniment by a bevy of talented instrumentalists, with the honors going to former Progressive Bluegrasser, Manny Krevat. Mr. Krevat doubles as producer and his product is primo.

This CD is available by phone orders to the lovely Lori (212-222-4367). Yes, the Nashville acoustic guitar licks are played by Lori's son, legendary Bluegrass whiz, Danny Holland.

--- Michael Miller, Tune-Up, a publication of the Philadelphia Folksong Society