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Posted By: ToulouseCruise
02-Jan-04 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Drinking Games & Dares
Subject: RE: BS: Drinking Games & Dares
my favorite drinking game... The Century Club...

Very simple rules... each person involved must drink one ounce of beer per minute for a period of 100 minutes. Bathroom trips are permitted, but they must bring their bottle and shotglass in with them to consume upon the passing of the minute(s)... if ya hurl, y'er out!

Biggest problem is keeping time/track... as one gets more inebriated (around 9 bottles of beer consumed in an hour and forty minutes) it makes it hard to watch that little second hand go around, and no one who stays sober can put up with the group getting sloshed! My solution? Preprogrammed my personal electronic organizer to have the alarm go off every minute for 100 minutes -- keeps a count that way too!