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Posted By: Tweed
02-Jan-04 - 07:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Subject: RE: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Well if he wants to recluze hizzelf and grow hiz harr and fingernails long like Howard Hughes I am unable to find a reason for him not to do that Boberdzz. Reclussez iz got a place in this worl and ef they cain't get along wif peeple than it's better ef they stay clar obv them altopongah. And I habv allus sed that Karl Rove iz a smart persons smart person. I mean hellfire, who elbvse culd masticate gettin' a haifwit electred into the danged White House obv this great nashun? Hmmm...???? Who ailse culd scar the crap outta the democrates into not knowin' whut the hail they even stand fer anymore? Karl Rove thet's who! He iz one smart sumbitch that one iz!
P.S. Hey Doug. Hope all iz wall in yore area and I reckon we will be eatin' a shitload obv crow agin next November. Happy New Year everbody!! ;~)