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Posted By: Little Hawk
02-Jan-04 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Subject: RE: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
"Recluse" is a noun isn't it, not a verb? It means someone who avoids contact with other people and stays indoors as much as possible. I don't think that it is correct to say that someone is "reclusing" himself, although I certainly get the drift of what you mean in a general sense.

It is hardly necessary to form a vast conspiracy...all one needs is a fairly large number of people in powerful places who share a common philosophy, and certain results will inevitably follow. For instance, suppose one's philosophy was:

1. making more money is the main point of life
2. having more of material things is always better
3. he who makes the most money can have the most material things
4. no amount of anything can ever be too much
5. if other people have way less than you do, it means they are losers who don't count anyway...screw 'em!

Now, given such a philosophy one hardly needs a conspiracy in order to cut down every forest, pollute every watershed, corrupt every political and legal system, and finally accomplish a revolution, a war or a general financial and social collapse....or all of those.

After which one starts over again, if one is still alive. Destructive philosophies beget destructive results.

- LH