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03-Jan-04 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Top Ten Old Ballads
Subject: Top Ten Old Ballads
I'm putting together a performance and study sheet of pre-revolutionary war ballads. I'm especially interested in any that are somewhat humorous (as humor seems to be somewhat lacking in the songs from that period). Most of mine are drawn from the Child Ballads, though the tunes and lyrics vary greatly from the Child versions. I'd love to find some good sources as well. Thanks
My top ten:
1. Barbara Allen (I think I heard a great version in that movie Songcatcher?)
2. Edward--(the good brother/bad brother theme straight from Cain and Abel
3. Lord Randall...(The great grandfather of A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall)
4. The Devil and the Farmers Wife--(A great take on marital bliss)
5. The Elfin Knight--(a somewhat witty precursor to Scarborough Fair)
6. The Golden Vanity (I love Rory Blocks version)
7. Greensleeves (Because it's so darn pretty)
8. The Great Silkie (a timeless tale, better even than the song)
9. Tam Lin (What self respecting worker hasn't had it in for their boss)
10. The House Carpenter--(the grass is not always greener on the other side)


John Fitz