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Posted By: Cluin
03-Jan-04 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Drinking Games & Dares
Subject: RE: BS: Drinking Games & Dares
Yep, we all did the Century Club 1st year at uni. I quit at 100 though some guys kept going. I believe 215 was the limit 2 guys went that night before a mutually agreed draw. I was asleep by then.

Another game we played was "Caps". Several varieties there are, all involving accuracy of tossing or flipping a beer cap at a target, and drinking when you miss, thus increasing your inaccuracy the more you miss. Our version had two "opponents" sitting spread-legged about 12 feet apart, each with a beer cap laying upside down on top of a full bottle of beer in front of their respective crotches. The object was to toss another cap over and try to knock the opponent's cap off their bottle. If you were successful, the opponent had to drink (either a long swallow or else chug the whole thing if the game started later in the evening). Game went on till someone puked or quit.