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Posted By: Chief Chaos
03-Jan-04 - 04:31 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Barbie Lobster Tale
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Barbie Lobster Tale
Parodies arising to either protest an article or to poke fun at something are all not covered by the copyright laws / trademark laws. They're trying to protect an image by suing. Unfortunately I've never seen a barbie doll do enough work to merit all those fancy cars, RVs, Salons, ranches, jumbo jets, etc. At least G.I. Joe has Uncle Sam footing the bill. I've told my wife that Barbie is a high priced hooker. It's the only way to explain away all the wealth she seems to have amassed. She could have gotten it from her parents but that doesn't seem to be in line with the independent image they have promoted over the years.