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Posted By: Tweed
04-Jan-04 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Subject: RE: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Liddle Hargue you air correck in thet "reclues" is a noun. In fack a buddy obv mine got bit on his lag by a brown relucse and the doctor like to took off haif ob his calf gettin' the poison out ob it! They ar feisty creatures at best, and don't mess around much at all.

Lady Jean, I wuld so like to see Karl Rove stuck in one o' them glass crates full ob reculse spiders, (like on thet TV show whar they eat worms and so forth)and see how he wuld organise thet mess. He's purdy smart but I bet they would git the best ob him before long. Now that would be some good prime time TeeVee!