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Posted By: Charley Noble
04-Jan-04 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Barbie Lobster Tale
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Barbie Lobster Tale

Freda and JennyO are from Downunder and should be excused for their lack of good taste. They are only familar with crabs and Morton Bay Bugs, not the true Lobster Barbie. I owe both of them a lobster dinner down at the Five Islands wharf in return for their warm hospitality.

Oh, and I just realized the timeline is screwed up in verse 5. Here's a quick patch:

There was an apron neat, a blue blouse sweet, a red checkered gingham skirt,
And to go with the deal some pink high heels, for a classic Barbie flirt!
They grinned at them wraps as they hauled their traps, and passed the jug impatient,
And WELL BEFORE day on the deck boards lay, a svelte female crustacean!

And I've learned that there was no "Louie"; "Mark Fernald" was the good buddy who was the first recipient of Lobster Barbie. "Mark" doesn't make it as a rhyme so I propose that he rename himself "Louie."

Charley Noble