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Posted By: Bob Bolton
05-Jan-04 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Barbie Lobster Tale
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Barbie Lobster Tale
G'day Charlie,

We almost have a musical cross-link in the matter of Aussie (rock) lobsters ... local species Palinuridae - normally called "crayfish" or "crays" down in Tasmania, which produces the best ones. (And I don't know about "Iron Chef" ... but the last time I could afford cray/lobster was when I was in Tasmania at the time the last Japanese Emperor was dying ... and the Japanese had cancelled all fancy business dinners - so Tasmania had a glut of their best crays that normally are all air-freighted off to Japan!)

Anyway, the bloke who dealt with all these fisheries matters in the '70s also wandered along to the Bush Music Club for some folk music ... he was a banjo-playing Canadian named Don Francois who had been appointed head of Fisheries Research at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation). He was the one who re-named crayfish as "Rock Lobsters" for export (and revitalised the local trout hatcheries by reintroducing vigorous survivor genes from the Australian trout streams.

Incidentally, he seems to have come from somewhere close to your northern borders (indeed, a lot reckoned he was really a Yank pretending to be a Canadian, because that drew less flak!) so he might be an old banjo-plucking friend of someone out there.

Anyway ... back towards the thread!